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Basement Water Problems are solved with Basement Waterproofing By Oakbridge Construction Inc.

Due to great demand we have included basement leak repair to our line up of work for several years now. We fix leaky rod holes and concrete wall cracks. We also fix soggy cinder block basements. We will be able to do this any time, with or without working in the basement for any other reason.

Oakbridge Construction has joined the ďBasement TechnologiesĒ Corporate national distributorship program in order to offer better waterproofing products and services to our customers at a better price.

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Basement Waterproofing Will Be Explained Through A Professional

Murphy's Law tells us that short cuts will before long bear out to be time-consuming cuts. Meaning if you are going to accomplish a job, do it correctly. Basement waterproofing would be no immunity to the rule. Although you possibly will find many bandage solutions to water troubles in your basement. Doing it right the primary time is fundamentally the cost effective solution.

Basement waterproofing is not a do it yourself project. For a suitable assessment, it is most reliable to obtaining the opinion if a trained, educated Basement Waterproofing expert.

Whether you are constructing new or dealing with water problem the same rules apply. More than 90% of basements drip water from the walls and the joint where the floor and wall meet. Basements seldom leak water up all through the floor, although this can happen in a few cases, commonly from blocked drain tiles around the outside perimeter around the building. This can moreover happen if there are natural wells below the floor.

If the subsurface or subterranean water level is close to the underneath of the basement floor concrete slab, water rises through the slab by capillary action, as well as you will have a wet basement. If the subsurface or ground water plane is higher than the basement floor, water leaks in through the walls and floor, causing standing water in the basement and, at times, dampness in the rooms overhead.

As concrete hardens, it inevitably develops capillaries. Permit the concrete to harden for at least 28 days and followed by spreading a sealant to the concrete. Shield the cement against water seepage; this will also toughen the concrete. Empty cinder blocks and concrete blocks have a unfilled core; some have observable holes rather than microscopic pores.

The most effective basement waterproofing technique is to use a sealant on both sides of the concrete block. Be sure the concrete has dried for at least 28 days, making certain to allow 14 days for the mortar in concrete block walls as well. After spreading the sealant, let the concrete dry out for at least 3 days rather than doing any additional outside waterproofing or backfill.

One basement waterproofing is using black tar on top of the exterior. Using this process of waterproofing for a basement is rather questionable. The problem is that it does not hold up very long. It could help to enhance your problem for a while, most likely it will only hold up for a not many years.

A better choice for basement waterproofing, is rubberized membranes. These particular membranes when spread over to your walls and your floor are initially a liquid that cures quickly into a special membrane. They are simple to do yourself.

An additional basement waterproofing way includes using  waterproofing paint. Waterproofing paint is the least expensive option. However, it is not one of the much better choices. A few people have had good success by way of this technique, well others felt it did not last very long at all.

High-priced yet effective basement waterproofing is to due the exterior foundation drains. This choice is good if you turn out to reside in an area where it rains a great deal. Most individuals have found that it is enormously effective.

All of these methods have pros and cons, though, it is important that you know your options for basement waterproofing. In a good number cases going less expensive may be effective for your difficulty; however, a worse problem might be lurking moreover water could start dripping into your basement. This can call for some drastic waterproofing measures.

Water problems can happen at any time, you may never have dealt with water problems beforehand. Then spring comes then all of a sudden, you have a issue. First verify that you own a functional sump pump and when you have determined that your sump pump is working and you still have a soaked basement, Call a to have your basement assessed for waterproofing Specialist.

Here we have a few Basement Waterproofing Pictures.

Basement waterproofing rod hole

Here is a picture of 4 leaky rod holes. Only one was leaking enough to reach the floor but it caused enough damage to the flooring to be a problem.

Basement waterproofing rod hole repair

Close up view of a different job while we are trying to clean up a rod hole someone else tried to fix but failed. Fixing these rod holes seems to be a fun project for some but when they fail it can be a big job to fix. Especially behind the walls of a finished basement. Donít take a chance. Give us a call NOW.


This crack developed in a basement after it was finished and did wreck the carpet.

We have a standard fee for fixing both leaky rod holes and concrete wall cracks. We can do this as a stand alone project or as part of a basement project. Call Bob for info or email us for info.

Important Notice:  If a crack should develop in your basement wall, please donít put anything on it. We use a pressure injection and while a patch may look nice,  They donít work at all. Patches do however manage to plug the crack enough so we canít do an injection. Then the only alternative is to do something more expensive.

Important Notice #2: If you are having basement water problems and at the same time you have your down spouts emptying into underground pipes for distribution underground, disconnect the down spouts and cement over the pipes and extend your down spouts away from the building. This landscape practice can aggravate the problem.

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