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Basement Waterproofing systems based on a pump are realistically the most reliable. The Water Trek patented system is the “best” waterproofing system available. But what happens if there is a power outage or a mechanical failure to the primary pump? It is important to have backups for every situation and your pumping mechanism is no different.

Poni battery back up sump pump Logo

The Basement Technologies PONI battery operated back-up sump pump is designed to back up primary residential sump pumps in case of pump or power failure. A must for those installations where an inoperative sump pump can not be tolerated. Separate float switch and built-in alarm automatically starts back-up system and activates warning buzzer to protect against high water damage and warn of primary pump failure....



Battery Back Up Picture


Control Panel operates back-up system automatically.

   LED’s monitor battery condition, warn of reverse connection        and faulty battery.                                                         Sounds warning alarm when back-up pump is activated,             with alarm light.                                                             Maintains constant battery charge.                                       Separate pump test and reset button.                                                                                                                  The PONI can operate up to 8 hours continuously or 24 hours   intermittently (depending on battery type and condition).                                                                                             The PONI can be easily adapted to existing submersible or     pedestal sump pumps with special adapter tee.                                                                                                           System includes:  pump with built-in check valve, 1 1/4  X     1 1/2 inch adapter tee, battery box and control panel (battery  not included).                         


Specs Diagram


               WATER GRABBER INSTALLATION                                  WITH THE PONI BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM

Layout Diagram

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