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Finished Basement, room addition, kitchen cabinets refacing, basement waterproofing, basement remodeling

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These are pictures of a recent Finished Basement Remodeling located in Macomb Township Michigan. These pictures show the job from start to finish, followed by a movie after the owner moved in. The owner took care of the painting and flooring. As usual it took about about 5 weeks. What do you think?  email me.

We start the project by loading 90% of the material that we will need before we start. Studs, drywall, ceiling panels, tools, lighting, etc.

Then we build all the partitions

Then we start the framing under the heat ducts and I-Beams. Meanwhile we sweep up every day.

We run the wiring behind the walls along with the fiberglass insulation. We use no special vapor barriers in order to let any moisture evaporate.

Drywall is then installed over the top of the studs. Screws are used in most of it rather than nails.

In areas designated unfinished this is how they look. We donít do any finishing here.


Next we install the drywall tape. Then we sand to a paintable finish.

We then do the finish carpentry and doors, the ceiling and lights, plug covers and heat ducts.

The finished product!  968 square feet of finished space came out nice.

Last but not least, we built the bar 100% on site. The bar is simple hardwood plywood on the outside with a formica-type top that has an 11 inch overhang.

The inside has a plywood floor with hardwood cabinet frame and hardwood plywood doors. The owner supplied the sink and faucet. We did the plumbing and hooked up the sink.

This is our standard bar. It is 42 inches tall, and on the inside is 4í out by 5í across. We have a standard fee for this bar if you do the shopping for the sink and we can hook up a drain from a stack in the wall. email us for the current price.

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