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Finished Basement, room addition, kitchen cabinets refacing, basement waterproofing, basement remodeling

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Do you have a wet floor with water coming out from under a basement wall that has drywall installed on it?...



No Problem! Oakbridge Construction also does finished basements.  With that experience we can go in and remove the old (and sometimes moldy) drywall and put it in bags. We haul it up the stairs and haul it away. We fix the waterproofing problem, then reinstall the drywall. We put the board up, and tape and sand, and get it ready for paint. We reinstall the moldings and whatever else we had to remove. Then roll the carpet back down. We do the whole job in a few days. Sometimes in as little as one day-- in and out. Michigan is famous for its lavishly finished basements. Doing waterproofing from the inside is the best way to assure the water is stopped. This drywall service is very popular with callers. No one else in the USA waterproofing industry provides this type of service. Give us a call and we will do it all for you....


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