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To make a finished basement the first thing we do is to build the exterior walls leaving space between them and the existing foundation to make our walls straight and plumb. We use regular 2x4’s with wolmanized sole plate or steel studs at the customers request.

The next thing we do is to box in the beams and heat ducts and pipes to make ready for drywall. We use heavy timbers to make sure it doesn’t turn out flimsy.

Next we install the wiring. We start from scratch using new circuits direct from the fuse box. Some contractors use wiring off the old ceiling lights causing brown outs upstairs and a fire hazard.

3 1/2” fiberglass insulation is added between the studs just like upstairs. I have found that this warms the space by 5 degrees by itself. We do not use a visqueen vapor barrier in order to allow any moisture to evaporate.


Next the 1/2” drywall is installed just like upstairs. It is taped and sanded ready for paint.

Suspended ceiling is installed with the lights up between the joists. This makes more room for the ceiling to go as high as possible.

Heat ducts are installed and come out of the ceiling as close as possible to the main plenem. Some people run them down the walls. We have found that the farther they go from the mains the less they work.

We drywall up and around the existing windows to allow more light in. If you are going to change your windows, doing it in advance is an advantage.

Finally we install the trim and doors. We use the Masonite 6 panel “Colonist” doors and MDF trim.

You can use Oakbridge Constructions 30+ years experience building over 125 finished basements to your advantage. Why choose a beginner and pay him to learn on your job site? Give us a call now 24/7 at 586 703 0112

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