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Finished Basements and

Basement Remodeling

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Finished basements are a big part of the home improvement world in southeast Michigan.

One of the first reasons people choose to remodel their basement is to save money.  Your basic structure is already there.  There are no footings to dig, no walls to build, no shingles to purchase.  This keeps construction costs down.

After savings, basement remodeling is chosen for a variety of reasons. You may want to create a play area for your children.  They will have a comfortable place to spend time in a safe, well-lit environment.  You may desire a home office; a quiet place to do your work with little distraction.   Or a family recreation room may better suit you, where you can host parties and family gatherings.  If your family spends a lot of time working or playing outdoors,  a mud room and  a bathroom with a shower keeps the mess out of the rest of your home.

 Oakbridge Construction and Bob McGuire have remodeled 145 basement rooms.  During construction, we make every effort to keep the area as clean as possible.  We know how important your home is to you, and we do everything we can to not intrude upon family life. We specialize in getting your job done on time.

The newer fiberglass and foam wall finished basements are quick to install, but the material is super expensive. So much so that the wall construction is double the price or more. The wall construction is 2/3’s of the work. Then when you are done there all all sorts of plastic strips and wall paper on the walls. To me they look like a house trailer when they are done. Plus no matter what they tell you, we have to tear out a lot of the underside to do the waterproofing usually. I like the drywall (seamless) look better because you can paint it to match the upstairs.

We have been doing basement remodeling since 1975. Every year we add more customers to our “satisfied” list.  Right now, we would like to put your name on that list. Call 586 703 0112 to make an appointment to talk about your project with Bob.....

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