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basement paneling

The old school method of doing finished basements using paneling. It was darker looking.

lighter basement

Spare Bedroom using the lighter drywall finish with the Masonite 6 panel doors.


cabinets in basement
basement posts

Optional cooking area.

Rec. Room

Finished Basement Pictures is a great way to help in making your mind up what to do in your basement

Going to the Oakbridge Construction website and then printing up all the pictures and saving them in an envelope would be a good way to get started on a finished basement pictures collection. There are many contractors all over the nation that also have pictures you can print up. Just look up the words finished basement pictures or finished basement ideas and you will find many pictures you might like.

Another tool you can use would be the top of the Google search page. There is a button you can push called “images”. Click that button and do your searches one more time using the same search terms. You will be surprised just how many images will come up. You will be given the opportunity to load a full size image. That would be the original image from whatever web page it came from. The trick here is capturing the picture. So bring up the full size picture and hover the arrow over the image and hit the right arrow button and you will be given the choice to save the image, so save the image on your desktop or in a handy file and you can use your digital image editor to sharpen them up and print them.

A finished basement picture collection like these pictures, pasted or taped to a background can be a great tool in choosing your choice of everything from room shapes to lighting and trim and molding. You have to know that not all the pictures you collected actually belong to the people that had them posted. The pictures can and Do get borrowed all the time plus a lot of pictures come from showrooms and are not really from an actual job. Just don’t publish them on the net and everything will be OK.

The whole idea here is to get you to a place where you know exactly what the bigger part of your project will look like. As a contractor and going out on estimates all the time, I talk to people all the time that do not know what they want. The beginner type of a finished basement project would be a single room that consists of four walls and a ceiling.  Consequently something simple like this would also be the most economical. From here, everything you add to this project also adds to the price. Making the area mold resistant adds a little to the price. Adding a door to the furnace room and window openings and extra plugs and lighting all add money without changing the look a great deal. Adding extra doors and walls and shelves to add a bedroom can be costly. A bar can be very costly, depending on the specs. Upgrade trims and moldings and railings are also costly as well as a two or three piece bathroom. Those extras can double or triple the price of the job.
Contractors like more expensive jobs because the profit would be greater. Make your decisions before he gets there. It is cheaper.

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