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Finished Basement, room addition, kitchen cabinets refacing, basement waterproofing, basement remodeling

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Are you getting ready to finish your own basement? We at Oakbridge know that most basements are finished by the home owner.

Testamonial - Oakbridge Const. started on time, finished as promised, very good pricing, courteous & professional. We were very pleased & would recommend to family and friends.                         B.H.   Madison Hts.

If you are finishing your basement yourself, you should know that current waterproofing technology fixes 90% of leaks from the inside. This is the most reliable place to do repairs....



Rod holes and wall cracks are the main sources of water problems in new homes. These leak sources can spring up at almost any time anywhere in your basement, and usually in the most inconvenient places.

Call Oakbridge Construction to fix any current problems before you begin your remodeling.  Many home owners try various types of surface-applied products to stop the leaks. (See our Hydraulic Cement section for details.) These repairs donít hold up, and we have to come in and repair the leaks after the basement is done. (See our drywall section for details here.)....


Oakbridge has ways of pre-waterproofing areas in basements that would be very difficult and expensive to repair if a crack or leaky rod hole were to appear. We can either stop water in advance or channel it away, so that later you would not have to do any tear-out in your beautiful basement Preemptive waterproofing is done before any construction is started, and should be used where it would be expensive to remove something. You donít want to tear out fancy closets with a lot of cabinets, or bathrooms with showers and baths, or kitchen areas, laundry rooms, or bars and entertainment centers attached to the wall. Can you imagine tearing out a steam room to get at a leaky rod hole? This will save tons of money later if something were to happen!  Give us a call now - 586 703 0112.

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