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Basement Flooding and Insurance Claims

All sorts of accidents can happen in basements. The biggest would be Backed up sewers from the city sewers.  They are starting to get a handle on this problem in recent times. In the old days of the 50ís and 60ís this was a an often occurrence. Now it is caused by a list of other things.

Sewer or Drain line clogged  between the house and the city sewer connection. 

Sump Pump quits working

Water heater rusts through the bottom.

Cloths Washer runs over or drain separates from sink.

Waterproofing issues

So when does this usually happen? When you are gone for the weekend, thatís when.

What is the usual damage? Wet Carpet is number one. Most people have carpet in their basement. Even if the basement is not finished. Next would be damage to the walls in a finished basement. That would be the bottom of the drywall and insulation and the molding and doors if the water gets high enough. Water usually only goes high enough to get the carpet wet but occasionally it can get knee high.

Secondary damage would be MOLD. The carpet and padding can start getting moldy within just a few days. After some extended time the walls can get moldy and the insulation also.

If you can fix the leak quickly then turn the carpet over and fan dry it from the bottom up.

If it is a bad leak and everything is getting wrecked then call us and your insurance company. We will come in and remove the carpet quickly. We can also repair the bad drywall, molding and other things. We can also apply a germicide and moldicide. The insurance can pay for it. We at Oakbridge know that speed is of the essence.

If the problem is cause by waterproofing or sump pump issues, we can fix that too. Call bob any time on the mobile at 586 703 0112.

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Kim, an insurance adjuster with AAA called me up and asked me to remind you that AAA does not cover floods caused by Sump Pump failure. She says that in the last 3 years however AAA has come up with a new innovation where you can pay a bit extra for Sump Pump damage repairs coverage. That is the good news. The bad news is that most people have not opted for this coverage. Like I said flooding is caused by many things but this is something you can change for the better with just a phone call. The damage to a finished basement caused by a failed sump pump can be in the thousands. We can change a sump pump quickly. I recommend every 3 years.

So I think it would be a good idea to call your agent, no matter what the insurance company is. Read him the above list and check out all the scenarios as far as coverage goes.


Entering a flooded basement can be very dangerous because of the possibility of electric shock. Never enter a flooded basement with the power still turned on. Call Edison.

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