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60 percent of our waterproofing work is done in already finished basements. So how can you tell if you need waterproofing when you canít see the walls?  The drywall isnít usually wet. Most likely, a wet carpet will give you your clue. Since we do 95% of our waterproofing work on the inside of the building, it would be nice if we had Superman-like x-ray vision to show us where the water is coming in, but alas, we donít have that. What we do is remove the drywall in a manner that makes it easy to repair later. When we have finished fixing the leaks we can repair and finish the drywall if youíd like. Oakbridge Construction has done 142 finished basements, so we are qualified for this work.

Basement Waterproofing demolition

In this recent project we removed the drywall in a neat fashion so as to be able to see what was leaking. We removed the upper drywall and all the insulation so we could peer down inside the wall to find the leaks....



Basement waterproofing rod hole repair

We found 3 leaking rod holes, so we cleaned them up to get ready for waterproofing. This one was the worse one. It was leaking about a pint every 2 hours. Over a 3-day rain, that leak put about half an inch of water in the ownerís carpet and pad.

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Basement waterproofing crack repair

We also found a leaking crack behind an area where the owner had a bar island connected to the wall. In this case we had to remove that portion of the bar and counter top where they met the wall.  In this photo, we are prepping the crack for injection and a dry well. This is a sure-fire way to stop water in a crack situation. If you are planning to have your basement finished,  we recommend that you pre-waterproof any area that would be costly to move later, such as bars, laundry areas, kitchens, bathrooms and showers. It is much cheaper to do it before you remodel.

Black_Mold on drywall

On the room-side of this drywall we couldnít see any damage. A after we tore out the drywall and looked at the back we saw that it was covered with black mold. Not pleasant to work with and even worse to live with.   

Basement waterproofing repair

Here one of the guys is re-installing drywall over the waterproofed area. You can see why it pays to have drywall experience. We taped and sanded it all at one time. Next we primered the paint on the wall and re-attached the bar to the wall....


Basement Waterproofing finished02

Next we attached the counter top and put a finish coat of paint (green) on the wall. When the carpet dries you would never know we were there. It looks great and wonít leak again. The job took a total of 3 days.

Oakbridge Construction Inc., with all its experience is the only waterproofing company in the U.S.A. that can do this much work this fast and have it come out looking this great. I have never heard of any other waterproofing company providing this service.  As far as I know, we invented it. We have the skills and experience to do more work faster. Our customers are amazed to see how quickly their basements can be torn out and  completely restored. Give us a call today to get your job completed before any more damage can happen.      Time is mold. Call Bob 586 703 0112

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