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Green! What’s Green?

 Oakbridge Construction has been recycling for many years. Even before it was a buzz word.

Oakbridge Construction Inc. believes in recycling very strongly. We endeavour to recycle as much material on each job as possible. That usually includes old concrete and masonary and cardboard.

Believe it or not, old concrete and masonary are usually given to crusher plants that turn it into gravel like material where it is sold to construction companies for use in road beds and temporary driveways. Old asphalt can be re used when mixed with new asphalt. Most crusher plants take this material for free. How does this help? Well, less sand and gravel has to be mined and trucked down to the city plus the landfill which used to take this material can be saved for more important things. Landfills are becoming rare and expensive.

Similary, cardboard and newspaper can be recycled. It can be re-used to make new cardboard. Used cardboard is what commodity traders call a “Fiber”. Like cotton, wood fiber has many uses. Recycling this material also saves on the landfill. When you recycle cardboard you are actually saving a tree and this also helps keep lumber prices down.

In the latter half of 2002 Oakbridge Construction Inc. started to keep track of the ammount of recycled material it saved. Here is the breakdown.

Finished basement in Sterling Heights 40 pounds of cardboard.

Remodeled kitchen in Romeo 85 pounds of cardboard.

Finished basement in Harper woods 40 pounds of cardboard plus                                                                                     450 pounds of concrete.

Room addition in Waterford 40 pounds of cardboard plus 1500 pounds of concrete plus 600 pounds of aluminum plus 2 tons of unused masonary sand.

Kitchen Remodel in Shelby Township  60 pounds of cardboard.

Basement remodeling In Macomb Township    40 pounds of cardboard

Finished Basement in Shelby Twp.  40 lbs cardboard and 300 lbs of concrete.

Basement remodeling in Clarkston  30 lbs of cardboard


Several Basement Remodelings in Waterford Township - Lost of stuff

Our basement waterproofing division has been recycling broken concrete and lots of it probably in the range of 500 tons so far.

Did you know that the United States Post Office is the worlds biggest recycler? You can return your junk mail to the Post Office and put it into their SOAR barrel for recycling. This company recycles hundreds of pounds of junk mail and bills and flyers from both my office and PO Box. You can bring just about anything back made of wood fibers. Just not plastic or wax coated. I mean everything, like toilet paper centers and can labels, printer paper, tiny boxes, unsoiled lunch bags, holiday wrapping. You name it, lots of stuff. If you do it right you can actually see a decline in your weekly garbage output. I have to put my garbage barrel out only twice per month (in cool weather). This also saves on the wear and tear on the roads. You may have seen how the garbage truck drivers slam on their brakes. In my neighborhood, where there is an asphalt road, They have literally ripped the road apart. Less stopping and starting equals less damage.

Normally we take broken concrete to a recycling crusher where they make smaller rocks out of it. The recession has closed a lot of crusher plants, at least temporarily so here is a video of us at the dump. Along with garbage trucks and smell-o-vision.


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