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Finished Basement, room addition, kitchen cabinets refacing, basement waterproofing, basement remodeling

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General Insurance Information: If you're having home improvement done to your home you may not be aware that workers working on your home are not covered for injury under your own home owner’s policy. When contractors start a construction project they are required to have a contractor’s insurance.  General contractors insurance can be purchased through many companies who provide such insurance. Insurance for contractors can include a variety of options designed to protect the contractor, employees, subcontractors and the client. In a contractors general liability policy all the exclusions are listed on the first or second page of the policy. To ensure that your contractor has such insurance as Liability and Workman’s Compensation Coverage you can request a certificate of insurance. It must show policy numbers, effective dates and limits of the Policy.


It's a good idea to make insurance part of your independent contractor agreement.  The insurance you require depends on the type of work the contractor does and what your liabilities are. Coverage's represented on the certificates of insurance must show policy numbers, effective dates and limits.


Contractors are responsible for providing Workers' Compensation coverage for employees but may also have the exposure because of subcontractors who have not provided workers' compensation insurance for their employees. These are workers with whom you'll typically deal with over the course of a larger home improvement project such as a finished basement, room addition, kitchen or bath remodeling or basement waterproofing.

Oakbridge Construction Inc

You can rest assured with Oakbridge Construction Inc., That your project whether it is a room addition or a basement remodeling or kitchen and bath work or a basement waterproofing you are well protected because we carry our own insurance policy on each one of our highly skilled craftsmen. So, you never need to worry about any unfortunate mishap or accident.


Here is our policy information

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